26 Jan 10, Tuesday: Stress at the workplace.

A regular adult spends maximum time of the best years of his life at work; yes, do the math; in a 24-hour day, we spend at least 8 hours or more at work and that time spent carries with it STRESS – both physical and mental.

While the physical stress is visible and thus easier to deal with it is the mental or emotional stress that is the silent killer.
And often, emotional stress manifests itself in the form of physical symptoms such as, recurring headaches, nausea, aches and pains which do not have any pathological explanation; add to that irregular eating habits, erratic sleep pattern and lack of exercise and you have yourself a recipe for disaster.  

Let us understand the key types of stress that one could face at the workplace:
•    Performance related stress (meeting targets and goals at work);
•    Stress due to tough or uncooperative superiors or colleagues and sub-ordinates;
•    Stress arising from jobs that require frequent travel;
•    Stress due to a challenging work environment (recession or downturn in sector of work).

It is important that we keep in mind that stress at the workplace is a common occurrence and look for signs that indicate that we are suffering from the same.  Acknowledging that we are going through work-related stress is the first step to finding the solution to the problem.

Some simple measures which if adopted as habits could help eliminate or minimise work stress:
•    Setting aside daily or weekly time for some activity that relaxes you; this does not include competitive sports/ activities.
•    Spending time with people you genuinely like (social commitments not included) and making a conscious effort to ensure that your discussions are not solely work-related;
•    Taking regular breaks or holidays with loved ones; mini-breaks over long weekends are great stress-busters;
•    Ensuring healthy eating habits and trying to exercise at least 3-4 times every week.

Seeking professional help when things seem overwhelming is also recommended for those suffering from chronic work-stress.

– Priyanka

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  1. Anil Chaube Said,

    January 26, 2010 @ 6:01 pm

    Ms Chaturvedi
    Very apt analysis. Now with markets opening up and companies hiring – a new form of stress will start – we all seeking better pastures and not succeeding,
    God help us all

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