27 Jan 10, Wednesday: “when we get it right, ‘sorry’ is the greatest redemption”.

Heard this phrase on a popular English soap opera and it struck home.

‘Sorry’ – a much used and abused word. Does accepting an apology mean forgiving the person who caused us hurt or harm?
That’s the popular myth; when someone says sorry to us and we genuinely accept it, we forgive ourselves and that is the greatest gift.

When you genuinely forgive someone you let go of all the negative feelings towards that person and make room in your heart for new feelings; feelings that will hopefully be positive and filled with love and goodness.
Forgiveness thus frees and helps the forgiver.

Do not confuse forgiveness with reconciliation; a person who repeatedly causes you hurt needs to be kept at arm’s length; such people are toxic and need help to forgive themselves first.
Not carrying anger or hatred towards such people is perhaps the best way that you can help them start this process of healing and recovery.

Think about it; the next time you say sorry or accept an apology, do so with utmost sincerity.
When we get it right, ‘sorry’ can indeed be the greatest redemption.

– Priyanka

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