29 Jan 10, Friday: various newspapers: celebrity marriages breaking up.

‘Getting married’ certainly holds its charm; why else would celebrities who live in their own little world where values have different meanings choose to marry instead of just living-in.
Yet, despite tightly crafted pre-nuptial agreements, we see several celebrity marriages publicly fall apart?

What then makes celebrity marriages different from ‘regular’ ones?   

It would be fair to say that celebrities (especially actors and sportspeople) by virtue of their profession not only live under close public scrutiny but also have (as compared to the rest of us) many more instances and possibilities where temptation to cheat on a spouse is high.
Yet, it is ironic that in a society where infidelity runs high, one of the top reasons for divorce is FIDELITY!!

Fidelity therefore is a thread that is common across most marriages; having said that, celebrity marriages do require more work and effort as would marriages between individuals who have high pressure or and jobs that require long hours of work or extensive travel; these come with their own set of challenges.

Marriage per se requires work and life-long effort; this effort becomes a joy when both partners respect and love each other and share common values and goals in life.  Taking the time to understand and appreciate your partner’s profession, background and culture too goes a long way in cementing this bond.

– Priyanka

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