UTV Bindaas – Reality show “emotional atyachaar’ – episode aired during the week ending 17 Jan 10.

Episode summary: Loyalty test on 20-something Karan done at the request of his ‘steady’ girlfriend who is unaware that ‘her’ Karan is two-timing her; to make matters worse, the TV channel’s ‘undercover’ agent becomes the third angle in this convoluted quadrilateral and proves beyond reasonable doubt that the ‘committed’ Karan is actually a cheat.
What ensues is an ugly confrontation between Karan and the two ‘steady’ girlfriends, who were until then unaware of each other’s existence.  Rife with accusations with the added ‘masala’ of slaps, tears, shoving and pushing, breaking of equipment and expletives galore, the episode ends with both girls breaking off with the philandering Karan.
Whew, that’s a lot of action in 20 year olds life!  Wonder where the current generation finds time for other productive pursuits?

Is reality TV taking things too far? 
Human relationships are fragile and require constant work; something as serious as fidelity requires sensitive handling; a fiasco on national TV is certainly no way to handle private, intimate couple issues (or any other psychological issues for that matter).

Whatever happened to one-on-one communication between two people in the relationship? Isn’t communication the key to any relationship?
If one suspects the other of cheating, talking it out would seem to be a more logical solution than subjecting the other to some absurd ‘loyalty’ test.
One wonders what relationships today are based on. Certainly not trust and respect!!

Assuming that the show I’m talking about is real and not a well-orchestrated act by professionals, what would be the state of mind of the affected parties once their relationship fails these ‘tests’?  Is the emotional repercussion of all the ‘tamasha’ that unfolds on national television factored in before TRP-hungry channels and producers dole out such content?

What about the message that the viewers receive?  That is okay to lose control and abuse and get violent in case relationships go sour?  Even TV adverts that have dangerous stunts come with a warning; these shows are far more damaging especially for young, impressionable minds who get all the wrong ideas about adult relationships.
Fed on such content the seeds of relationship issues, marital discord, aggression and low tolerance are sown.

Are TV channels, producers, viewers and the censor board listening?

– Priyanka

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