Bombay Times, page 10, Thursday, 21 Jan 10 – ‘I was a fool to attempt suicide’

It is indeed heartening to see that survivors of attempted suicides are coming out and talking about their struggles and in their own special way trying to reach out to others in the same boat.

What made the reading more sensitive was the fact that a ‘suicide-survivor-now-volunteer’ talks about the emotional impact that an attempted suicide leaves on the concerned person’s family whom she correctly labels as the ‘biggest victims’.
This is just so true because it is this group that is often neglected; a lot of time and attention needs to be given to the family and close friends of a suicide victim or survivor, to help them understand and deal with the emotions that they go through.
In the absence of timely counselling a lot of permanent psychological damage is done leading to lifelong feelings of guilt, anger and despair. 

There is one-thing however that continues to haunt me and that is the stage at which people are brought in for psychiatric help.
In this case, it took several failed suicide attempts for the parents to finally bring their child in for help; why such a delay?

Which come to my next question – why is there such a taboo towards seeking psychiatric help?

It is our wondrous and magical brain that separates us from the rest of the living world, giving us that unique edge over all other mortal beings; yet, we are most reluctant to seek help when something goes wrong ‘in’ it.

Don’t you go to your family doctor when you are physically unwell? Undergo tests and procedures and visit specialists when the problem is undetected or severe?
Then, why the reluctance to go see a counsellor or psychiatrist when you are overwhelmed by your feelings and emotions?
Like the rest of your body, isn’t it possible that your brain too can sometimes go through temporary blips and at times through severe illness?  Then why this step-treatment with the brain?

Food for thought?

– Priyanka

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