Mumbai Mirror, page 5, Monday, 25 Jan 10 – ‘State Board scripts new chapter in reducing classroom stress’

I am sure this piece of news came as a welcome break to many of you BUT the sceptic in me is not getting mollycoddled so fast.
Let me first see the Boards first do the ‘smaller’ things, like modify the absurd exam timetable for SSC and HSC students (refer blog dated 24 Jan 10).  If they really care about students’ welfare, let them first come up with an exam schedule that has adequate gaps and thus allows students to write their exams at least in a good physical state.      

As regards ‘copying’ the IB model, I just hope that the Board has factored in some crucial factors such as:
•    IB requiring smaller class sizes as compared with our current large numbers per class and
•    Teachers training and remuneration which could be a serious ‘road block’

While I wish the Board all the luck in the world, I have very little hope that they will be able to pull this off.

Just yesterday, I was at a lunch with a close friend who has a darling, 16-month old boy; she mentioned that she was looking at applying for ‘permanent residency’ to a country (she mentioned several viable options) where education came cheaper if one was a ‘permanent resident’.
Having lost faith in our education system, this may perhaps seem as a kneejerk and emotional reaction BUT who knows; I see it as a ‘business opportunity’ for banks and insurance companies.
Given the apathy of the education boards and policy makers, perhaps, in the near future financial products which help parents plan and save for an elementary foreign education for their children will become as popular as buying medical insurance.

– Priyanka

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