Mumbai Mirror, page 8, Saturday, 30 Jan 10 – ‘Desperate to win fashion show, students assault two classmates’

This news piece where a group of college students beat up two fellow-students who were strong contenders in a fashion show had all the alarm bells ringing.

The future of our country stands in jeopardy as the reason for crimes by youngsters are getting dangerously trivial.
In this case, what caused these 20 year olds to resort to such mindless violence is perhaps this current mantra: “success no matter what”.

While the world is getting increasingly competitive, the competitors themselves are displaying absolute disregard for fair play and tolerance.  It seems that all that matters is success; how one achieves it is irrelevant.  Perhaps, it’s the parent and teacher group that unknowingly fosters this overly competitive spirit; while our intention in doing so may be honourable, the outcome certainly isn’t!
Children from the very onset need to be taught that without hard work and fair play, success has no worth; encourage them to give their best shot and avoid comparisons with peers.

Let them know, that they have your unconditional love and support whether they succeed or not; a lot of children succumb to pressure and competition because they do not want to let their parents or teachers down; teach them that failure is part of success and that giving their best effort is what matters the most.
Failures are an integral part of life; we need to prepare our youth to take failure in their stride and not succumb to it.

This integral training starts at home and needs to be carried forward by the teacher group; all efforts should be towards creating a youth base that values hard work and maximises potential and doesn’t literally ‘kill’ competition.

– Priyanka

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