16 Feb 10, Tuesday: The UTV Bindaas full-page print ad. Bombay Times, Tuesday, 15 Feb 10, last page.

We human beings have this innate tendency to categorise; we swear by our generalisations – this is perhaps where our deep-rooted and often unfounded views on communities, people and places originated.

Sadly so, because if there is one truth, it is that people cannot be categorised; agreed that our culture and experiences mould who we are as people but generalisations take away from us a vast, second-to-none chance of discovering people and cultures.The full-page, UTV Bindaas press ad is an important, albeit small step towards an effort to change this perception.

The bold, matter-of-fact way in which the youth challenge our stereotypes is what I’d call a pleasant jumpstart; teenagers wearing their ‘typical’ rebellious attitude glare at us from this full-page ad and tell us that just because they are ‘bindaas’ we dare not slot them as immoral, careless or non-believers.

It’s time we stopped judging a book by its cover; in fact it’s time we stopped judging at all and started challenging our perceptions and generalisations which are often largely based on the external.

Let’s now hope that the channel matches its content to this very refreshing ideology.

– Priyanka

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