22 Feb 10, Monday: Mumbai Mirror, page 3, Sunday, 21 Feb 10 – ‘knot for seniors’

Thanks to technology we have more means of communicating and staying in touch today, yet it is ironic that we don’t seem to have enough time to do just that – ‘stay in touch with loved ones’.  Call it the perils of urban life or simply a problem of plenty but it cannot be ignored that loneliness is a large contributor to depression, especially amongst senior citizens.

While senior citizens are slowly getting accustomed to the spare time that comes with retirement and grown-up children and their families busy with their own lives and often living in different parts of the world, what often has an irreversible impact on this second-life that they painstakingly create is the death of a partner or spouse.  Often, this loss leads to depression and severely impairs the senior person’s ability to lead a fulfilling life.  The initiative therefore to create an avenue for people seeking companionship in their old age is a welcome step; counselling however is a must especially in the Indian context where we continue to see a taboo with remarriage.
It is important to counsel senior citizens who are often embarrassed by their normal needs and desires and reluctant to express themselves freely due to social norms and stigmas.

Grown up children too need to be sensitised to their parent’s need for companionship and love irrespective of their stage of life; it has to be reiterated that we are entitled to a full and happy life irrespective of our age.
Senior citizens need the support and encouragement of their children to take the required steps towards a fulfilling life and break the drudgery that is so far associated with old age.

– Priyanka

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  1. chasrani Said,

    November 15, 2010 @ 3:34 pm

    Stress management requires a judicial mixture of diet/ physical activity and relaxing techniques

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