8 Feb 10, Monday: Respect !!

Respect, sadly, a term that is myopically understood and applied especially in our culture; I am sure all of us have at some point in our lives heard the instructions ‘respect your elders’ which is often demonstrated by folding of hands or touching of feet; often, this show of respect comes with a life-long unwritten rule that respect means never arguing or having disagreements with the person you ‘show’ respect to.
The truth however, is far away from the reality; respect, if correctly understood and applied can be a key to a treasure trove of meaningful and long-lasting relationships.  Simply put, respect means understanding that each one of us is unique and thus incomparable; it means unconditional acceptance and appreciation of the person for who he or she is.
And contrary to popular belief and practice, respect needs to be taught from early childhood and the best way to teach something is to practice it!

Respect your child from the day that he is born so that he not only grows up to be a confident adult but learns the value of respect and applies it to all his relationships.
As adults, we would benefit too if we made ‘respect’ the foundation of all our relationships because from respect follow love and trust; so the next time you find yourself doubting and lecturing a loved one (without real cause for concern), stop yourself and allow the person the freedom to decide and do what’s best for him and be around unconditionally if the decision does not go right.  Make sure however that you don’t say ‘I told you so’.

– Priyanka

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