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Relaxation can help relieve stress of having cancer

Researchers have shown that relaxation techniques can be beneficial for many disease conditions, can lower blood pressure, reduction in pain and also ease side effects of chemotherapy. Many relaxation methods are helpful in managing stress and anxiety

Especially in cancer, may help in diminishing certain symptoms, alleviate side effects of treatment and improve sense of well-being. One has to identify the source of stress and then focus to deal with the stressors, since in cancer the stressors would be many and it will not be possible to address all of them. » Continue reading “Relaxation can help relieve stress of having cancer”

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Integrative Way: Meditation can relieve pain, stress

A paper was published by, “The Journal of Neuroscience, researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center”, in North Carolina, showing results that meditation reduced pain intensity in a group of adults with no previous meditation experience. » Continue reading “Integrative Way: Meditation can relieve pain, stress”

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