How Can We Help Our Children Handle Daily Stress?

Stress in children is no longer representative in a small population of children, it is actually dominant in a much bigger group then we actually think. Stress, stressful children exist at all levels of community and in large numbers.

Educators, parents all agree, children are pushing and pushing, to try to do it all. Most of the times losing track of what’s important, need is to accept the fact that no one can be good at everything unfortunately right from the nation to the family members decides that every child has to be good at everything.

It is time that we realise the below mentioned points and act accordingly to make this world a less stressful place for the children:

  • Children are getting bombarded with many things from different directions, school, sports, extracurricular activities.

  • St. Margaret Parish, Piombino, currently youth minister, was involved with teenagers in the area of youth ministry for over 20 years, a parent of three children ages 21, 19 and 16 years old, said that the demands come not only from an academic perspective but also from extracurricular activities including various clubs and sports and all the cultural and peer influences and demands.”

  • It is clear that these demands are here to stay and the adults need to be working on ways to assist children with coping with the demands bombarding them on a daily basis.

  • Need is that parents, educators and community leaders should pause and reflect upon the responsibilities to be shared for the healthy development of children.

  • Parent and teachers should come together as a group to cut down the stress.

  • Teachers should be looking at how to help students (as well as adults) cope with stress in a healthy, productive manner.

  • Reflect on the parenting style and how that relates to raising healthy, well-adjusted children.

  • Children should be asked just to try their best. Don’t set standards that they have to go to a certain level.

  • Unfortunately all families do not work in the same manner and schools, sports groups and community organizations see this.

  • Children nowadays don’t know what quiet time is, how to take time for meditation and prayer which they need to be emotionally and spiritually healthy and happy.

  • Children need not “do it all”, an educator feels the children are looking up to the adults in their life, to tell them this.

  • Think about the messages sent to the kids and allow them to be their true authentic self and feel good about that.

  • It will be great if all kids are nurtured and provide an environment for them to grow in the areas that they are strong in and not what others think they should be.

All agreed…there is no magic solution to eradicate stress altogether.


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