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Top 10 stress relievers to try during this busy season

Take a look at these proven Top 10 stress relievers.

  •        Avoid drinking, smoking:
    • People think one of the easiest stress relievers is alcohol.
    • However excessive consumption, can lead to health and in many cases domestic problems.
    • Similarly, to many people regardless of age or income, legal and illegal drugs as well as cigarettes are an all too prevalent and dangerous way of dealing with stress in the short term.
    • Drinking and smoking to excess is not the only potentially harmful way of coping with stress.
    • Many people also find relief in over-eating, trying to numb their anxiety with too much ice cream or smother it in cheese sauce.
    • It’s very important to stay healthy in times of stress and make good choices when it comes to eating and drinking.
    • If this is a part of life is not in control, managing stress will be almost impossible. » Continue reading “Top 10 stress relievers to try during this busy season”

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Six steps to reduce stress


  • Exercise
  • Regular exercise can help deal stress better contrary to popular opinion, research shows that it’s probably not the release of endorphins that’s responsible for but rather the release of norepinephrine, which helps the body cope with stress.
  • Whatever the cause, exercise does wonders to overcome and prevent stress. » Continue reading “Six steps to reduce stress”

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How to ease homework-related stress

The reality is late nights of doing homework and studying can and undoubtedly happens in student life especially college life. Without proper time management, this can build up stress for students, the homework load can be very stressful. This is especially true on days when multiple assignments are due. » Continue reading “How to ease homework-related stress”

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New evidence has shown that alcohol and high anxiety feed off each other in individual ways.Having a drink when one is a little anxious can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. But so far, so good.BUT in some people, drinking when they are super tense underscores the dark side of whatever stressed them out and leaves them depressed. In others, intense stress overwhelms alcohol’s relaxing effects, so one reacts by having another drink . . . and another. » Continue reading “DO ALCOHOL AND STRESS MIX?”

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Depressed teens mostly struggle alone

April 29, 2011: New findings, by the federal government’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, were issued to kick off a month of national activity aimed at raising awareness of childrens’ mental health. With about 15% of high school students in the United States reporting they have seriously contemplated suicide in the past year, many of those efforts are geared toward identifying those at risk and intervening early to prevent self-harm. » Continue reading “Depressed teens mostly struggle alone”

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Stress Busters

The American Psychological Association’s (APA) 2010 – Stress in America survey disclosed that stress is taking a toll not only on physical health, but also on the emotional well-being of individuals and families.In America, the majority of the Americans live with moderate to high levels of stress but have a hard time making changes to cope with it. » Continue reading “Stress Busters”

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Stress May Cut Pregnancy Short

According to Florencia Torche, PhD, and Karine Kleinhaus, MD, MPH, of New York University in New York City -In a study of Chilean women pregnant during a major earthquake:-  Those who were in their second or third month of pregnancy had shorter pregnancies and an increased likelihood of delivering before 37 weeks’ gestation.-  The relationships were much stronger when the offspring were females rather than males, for whom the associations were not statistically significant, the researchers reported online in Human Reproduction » Continue reading “Stress May Cut Pregnancy Short”

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