13 Feb 12, Wednesday: Mumbai Mirror “Teacher kills sons before committing suicide”

Reading about someone taking their own life is bad enough, but when you read about a parent killing their dependent children before taking their own lives, it leaves you cold and wondering?

Wondering as to the extreme state of mind of this person and wondering, above all “could this tragedy been averted’?

Mumbai city has seen a few of these cases which is actually the main reason for my blog today! 

The copy-cat syndrome – a case where suicides are emulated by other like-‘minded’ people.  Seems silly right, that you’d read about someone committing suicide and follow suit in a similar fashion; but if you thought about it deeply, you’d understand how easy it really seems to someone who is down and out and unable to think rationally.

Take the case in question – an educated mother-of-two unable to handle her stress decides to not only end her life but take the lives of her most loved-ones!!

Take another mother who is depressed and unable to think through her problems; when she reads about this incident she doesn’t see it as a tragedy (her mind is unable to process things rationally); she sees this as an easy ‘way out’ and since someone has already done it, its tried and tested and will put an end to her misery?

We see a lot of copy-cat suicides amongst students and youngsters as well!!

So what does one do? Ask media to stop publishing articles such as these or combat it by having some sort of preventive system in place?

Mental health is neglected in our country; I mean in a country where primary healthcare is a huge question-mark, mental health would be an expense of luxury.

So what is the solution??  Urban India can no longer ignore these incidents and something has to be done before it’s too late.

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