Wishing you a stress-free Valentine’s day!

St Valentin(e) must be beaming from the heavens above and rightly so; he would have never imagined that ‘his day of love’ would perhaps become the most celebrated day of love world over.

Personally, I love all the colour and charm associated with V-day; the sight of red and pink heart-shaped balloons, pudgy stuffed teddies, chocolates, flowers, valentine-eve dances (sigh)…. I could go on and on and on.  Even web-sites offering express shopping and gifts are all bright and cheerful this time of the year.

What I don’t like however is the stress that this commercialisation of love has brought with it?

If I allow myself (very reluctantly) to rewind about 15 years or so to when I was a teen AND ‘Valentine-less’, this day would have been THE one where I would have prayed that the earth open up and swallow me whole (ok, I know that’s too melodramatic but seriously!).

I mean, I had no valentine right, not even one in-process, so all the colour and paraphernalia was just plain ‘painful’ and I’m talking about the late 90s where V-day wasn’t such a big deal anyways.

Even then I can guarantee that I would have had enough company in this ‘V-less’ induced sadness of mine.

Today, I’d be mortified if I were Valentine-less!  As are most youngsters who have this very distorted picture about Valentine’s day.

V-day is not just about boy-girl or romantic love BUT love in ALL its forms & glory.

Media sadly has added the stress element to this sweet and simple celebration of love; so instead of love being the core, the focus is now more on what one should buy to express love and how one should be, when in love.

TV shows, radio, print media have all jumped onto this bandwagon and taken upon themselves the task to teach us all, ways and methods to express love; and since the easiest and most gullible target group is the ‘young ones in romantic love’, V-day has largely become about them.

Finding that special someone is great and when it happens, it’s magic but that’s not the only form of love that we experience in our lives.

What about all that loving from parents, siblings, friends, teachers and even Mother Nature!!

And how can we forget, the most important love of all? Love of self which starts with accepting yourself as unique and thus incomparable; loving yourself with all your strengths and embracing your human imperfections.

Valentine is a celebration of all this love and there is so much love out there, the moment you decide to start loving yourself and open your heart and arms wide to it, you will see all these doors opening up for you as well.

So, go ahead and buy the valentine paraphernalia that you’ve been eyeing as a bystander all this while and start by being your own valentine.

This Valentine’s day, make yourself a promise – throw the stress in the garbage-bin and tell yourself that you will NEVER be “Valentine-less” again because you are first and foremost your own Valentine.

Happy V day everyone!!

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