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“Is your child depressed?” Mumbai Mirror, ToI, 26 Mar 12

A very pertinent read following a case where 6 teenaged girls, tired of poverty, taunts ran away from their homes.

Every generation will tell you how they feel that kids “today” are growing up way faster than the previous ones and its true; better nutrition, exposure to mass communication and increase in urbanisation and consumption behaviour has lead to children maturing faster than before. » Continue reading ““Is your child depressed?” Mumbai Mirror, ToI, 26 Mar 12”

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Are modern communication tools ‘disconnecting’ your relationships?

Are smart-phones and the IPAD hurting your love relationships?? Absurd right, cause the main purpose of technology was to bring us closer?! But it seems that ‘addiction’ to these gadgets is becoming a grave concern especially where marriages and love is concerned.

The economist carries an interesting read on this » Continue reading “Are modern communication tools ‘disconnecting’ your relationships?”

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follow up to Women’s day blog

Hello everyone, a reader was kind enough to share an article that resonated with my blog this women’s day; published in the Economist in Nov 11, it makes for a very interesting read.

What is says in a nutshell is that raising kids cannot be the sole responsibility of the mother; the father, family, friends even society and the Government needs to create an environment which is conducive not just to child-rearing but also allows women to self –actualise and grow in their choice of careers and vocation.

The situation in Finland has been described in great detail and is worth emulating.

Happy reading and do revert with your comments.

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Women’s day

Hey, so its Women’s day today; don’t worry, am not going to talk about how every day is our day and why should there be a hoopla around one day dedicated to women.

I’m instead going to focus on a syndrome that has impacted the current urban mothers group – THE SUPERWOMAN SYNDROME.

The current crop of 30-45 year old mothers, especially those who choose to work or have had careers before motherhood either suffer from the ‘super-women’ syndrome or are flogging themselves to get there.  » Continue reading “Women’s day”

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