Are modern communication tools ‘disconnecting’ your relationships?

Are smart-phones and the IPAD hurting your love relationships?? Absurd right, cause the main purpose of technology was to bring us closer?! But it seems that ‘addiction’ to these gadgets is becoming a grave concern especially where marriages and love is concerned.

The economist carries an interesting read on this

What’s worse is that the ‘addict’ often fails to realise that the thin line between technology enabling him and derailing him has long been crossed.

It’s exciting to have a whole world of information and entertainment at your fingertips but it’s also time to assess what you are losing on account of this over-exposure.

Human beings thrive on communication especially the nor-verbal, tactile kind; remember the times when gazing into each other’s eyes or just holding hands without exchanging any words conveyed so many feelings and emotions?

So many fights and misunderstandings were avoided just by people sitting across and actually communicating.

So much of that meaningful communication has been eliminated due to technology?

Even romance has been relegated to black and white films and in my opinion that’s a real shame.

And let’s be honest, unless the kind of work you do involves life and death situations, you CAN afford to switch your gadget off and spend some quality time with your loved ones and yourself.

When was the last time you spent time with yourself (one-on-one)?

So, take a hike (a real one), get out the board games or just enjoy a stroll in the park.  It’s time to show the Smartphone who the BOSS really is!

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