Women’s day

Hey, so its Women’s day today; don’t worry, am not going to talk about how every day is our day and why should there be a hoopla around one day dedicated to women.

I’m instead going to focus on a syndrome that has impacted the current urban mothers group – THE SUPERWOMAN SYNDROME.

The current crop of 30-45 year old mothers, especially those who choose to work or have had careers before motherhood either suffer from the ‘super-women’ syndrome or are flogging themselves to get there. 

At the cost of sounding like a feminist, I’d like to put things in perspective; much has changed around us, women like you and me studied and worked as hard as our male counterparts.  However, if you look closely, has our environment really changed that much?

It’s almost as if we women have raced two decades ahead and left our men and immediate families far behind leading to a gross expectation mismatch.

While women are expected to look after the house, raise and attend to children, stay fighting fit (how I hate the term ‘yummy mummies’) and sometimes even keep a job, let’s be honest and ask ourselves, have these expectations changed for the men folk?

Perhaps not and it would be foolish to expect a change overnight.

This expectation mismatch has created the absurd and impossible ‘super-woman’ – a myth who is expected to juggle all her roles with aplomb and come out on the tops each time.

The lucky ones find a balance or help from family and friends but the others eventually either lose themselves or have a breakdown.

The situation gets tougher if you want to be a working mother; yes, I use the term ‘want’ because shouldn’t having a career be an available choice?

In the absence of good quality, affordable day-care centres, women who choose to or need to work go through tremendous guilt with respect to the kids they leave behind when they go to work every day.  Add this to the stress of coming home and running a household and you’ll realise that the super-woman is nothing but a MYTH.

Women who ‘sacrifice’ their careers to raise kids often wonder what they’ll do when the kids don’t need them that much anymore.  The questions and repercussions are not easy!

As women, if we truly need to bask in our womanhood, we need to first respect our human limitations and accept that we cannot do everything! Give ourselves a break and prioritise the various roles we play.

Moreover ask for help when we need it and STOP expecting perfection in everything we do.

For all the others; on this day, don’t just wish your women-folk but sit back and think of your role in their lives and ask yourself whether you are doing enough to make them feel loved and rested.

The husbands and fathers especially, sit back and ask your better-half what you can do as a team to help her stay sane.

Work towards being a HAPPY WOMAN and not a SUPER WOMAN !

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