“Pushed to the brink” Mumbai Mirror, ToI, 24 April 2012

What a sweet coincidence, Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday coinciding with some very pertinent disclosures from the International cricketing scene.

A detailed, well-written and candid account on how the intense media scrutiny, punishing schedules, crazy travel and extended time spent away from loved ones have pushed many a talented player to the edge.

And this piece doesn’t even talk as much about the present day scene where the pressures are much higher than they were say 2 decades ago.  It’s heartening that players and associations are acknowledging the stress that they face and the need to have trained help at hand.

It’s a baby-step towards breaking the myth that tough, successful people don’t cry or break-down; in fact, even the most testosterone driven kind (the sportspeople) are at the end of the day human, with fears, fragilities and limitations.

It’s imperative that people start accepting mental health issues as part of modern living and when celebrities especially sportspeople who are seen as ‘perfect’ come out and talk about this very relevant concern it adds the much-needed human touch for us the general public.

In its own way, it encourages people to seek help and deal with their human limitations.

Our mind is an integral part of our being so if one does not hesitate to seek help when a body part doesn’t function, where is the shame in seeking help when your mind is stressed?

Time that the Indian sportspeople take a leaf out of this page and show their human side too; it would be a campaign of sorts and encourage people to seek help instead of doing something foolish which they often live to regret.

Cheers to changing times then!

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