The Laburnum

Despite the ever-increasing heat, I love summers in Mumbai for its bright yellow-blooms.

Let me explain – even today, despite the concrete jungle that Mumbai has become, one can spot pockets where these gorgeous desi-laburnum tress are in full bloom and whenever I pass one it makes me smile and feel all bright and cheery.  It’s amazing how just watching the bright yellow blossoms can switch my mood from grumpy to happy in a jiffy.

A few days ago, I passed a local municipal school and paused to admire these yellow blossoms that have become such an integral part of my ‘happy’ quotient when I spotted an irritated, abusing cleaning-lady; curiosity got the better of me and I asked her why she was so pissed off.

The answer left me baffled but wiser; she said she hated the fact that in summer, ‘these’ trees blossomed and shed their flowers thereby increasing her workload; you see she had been sweeping the shedding of the tree that i love so much.

One situation and two completely opposite reactions; pretty much like life.

You can have one event and myriad reactions to it; it’s just a matter of how we decide to react to that event that determine our eventual state of mind.

A failure thus for person A could result in acute depression, cynicism and ‘giving up’ altogether but for person B, a failure could in fact be a push towards trying harder and thereby succeeding in the long run.

It’s our attitude towards events and adversities that make us victims or survivors; we’d like to believe that everything other than us is the problem but a lot of heartache can be prevented if we changed our outlook and perceptions before we expected the ‘external’ to change.

I hope that the next time you pass ‘MY’ tree; it helps you shift from victim to survivor-mode and helps you see the silver-lining.

Happy Summers everyone!

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