“Take a bow Mrs Rai Bachchan”

Okay, I hope I am not the only one who is fed up about reading or watching ‘news’ clips about a chubby Mrs Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Where have the good old days gone when expectant mothers were allowed to go fat and stay that way until they settled into motherhood; in fact there was a time when mothers were ‘expected’ to be chubby and cuddly and cute?

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t subscribe to that extreme where it was okay to ‘let go’ just cause you gave birth; and my reasons are not all aesthetic; I believe that our bodies should be looked after and we should be fit and healthy, so honestly, I have never really understood the terms fat and thin but I do understand and subscribe wholeheartedly to being fit and healthy.

Motherhood is life altering and is stressful and demanding on the body and the mind; why is it then that women today are obsessed with going back to their pre-pregnancy figures even before they’ve delivered their babies?

I’ve seen so many mothers is early pregnancy fretting about post-pregnancy diets and weight loss instead of accepting and embracing the changes in their bodies (some even permanent) and enjoying this lovely phase.

When did we become this punishing? Giving birth is life and body altering and it takes time and effort for the young mum to get fit again although she might never ever fit into her pre-preg skinny jeans ever again. And that should be okay, isn’t it?

When did our self-worth become all about physical appearances?

Cut to the young mum, ARB and we have an actor, a model and an ex-Ms World, someone who has lived in public scrutiny all her adult life and has been bashed even for the imaginary kilos gained.  I mean let’s be fair, given her choice of profession, she has probably watched her weight and looks minutely all her life, so let’s just allow her this ‘letting – go’ phase in peace?

It’s fresh and liberating to see her make appearances in her chubby avatar.  Where one would assume that the ex- beauty queen would be insecure enough to stay out of the public eye, here she is, getting photographed and socialising without a care; taking her time to hit the gym or just waiting to have her second, it’s her choice as it should be and I’m hoping that her ‘in-your-face’ appearances mean that she doesn’t really care about what you say cause her physical appearance doesn’t define her personhood.  She is much more than just your average beauty queen.

I hope the wannabe ‘yummy-mummies’ take note and learn to enjoy themselves even in their fattest best; and focus on being fit and happy and not thin and insecure.  After all, isn’t there more to you than your flat abs and toned calves?

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