We are a team of medicos, psychologists & nutritionists. We have been active in the field of Wellness and Stress management training. Following the economic meltdown and Sensex crash, TeamCMHS was in the process of creating an interactive site to provide ethical information on STRESS and it’s coping strategies. But, before the work could be completed, 26/11 happened.

Not wanting to wait till we complete the site, we are launching a limited version – Stress after 26/11.

Why are we doing this?

…because we have seen children who witnessed murders during ’93 riots, suffer from PTSD; we have seen adults, who witnessed 9/11 on TV, suffer from PTSD & they were not even directly affected!

All those readers, who wish to offer helpful tips are welcome to contribute. (We do not wish to have accusations, allegations, fingers pointing, big talk and self promotion)

Dr C H Asrani with Team CMHS

Profile of Dr C H Asrani

Profile of Priyanka Chaturvedi

Profile of Neha Bhalerao

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