Too much stress/ too prolonged stress leads to a condition called BURNOUT that is characterized by emotional and physical exhaustion. Burnout calls for active and aggressive management; wait and watch attitude can be destructive.

Main symptoms of BURNOUT are:
1. Intense, overwhelming fatigue.
2. Anger at those making demands / Self-criticism for putting up with the demands.
4. Cynical relationship to work.

5. Negativism and irritability.
6. Diminished professional self-esteem.

7. A sense of being besieged.
8. Hair-trigger display of emotions.
A combination of all of these symptoms indicates that stress is wearing ONE down and that it is time to take strong REMEDIAL action.

Burnout is NOT an illness but a group of symptoms related to prolonged stress. Depression and burnout overlap. Depression should actively be treated as cases of depression. Fatigue should be assessed as it may be the symptom of another disease.

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