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13 Feb 12, Wednesday: Mumbai Mirror “Teacher kills sons before committing suicide”

Reading about someone taking their own life is bad enough, but when you read about a parent killing their dependent children before taking their own lives, it leaves you cold and wondering?

Wondering as to the extreme state of mind of this person and wondering, above all “could this tragedy been averted’?

Mumbai city has seen a few of these cases which is actually the main reason for my blog today!  » Continue reading “13 Feb 12, Wednesday: Mumbai Mirror “Teacher kills sons before committing suicide””

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Wishing you a stress-free Valentine’s day!

St Valentin(e) must be beaming from the heavens above and rightly so; he would have never imagined that ‘his day of love’ would perhaps become the most celebrated day of love world over.

Personally, I love all the colour and charm associated with V-day; the sight of red and pink heart-shaped balloons, pudgy stuffed teddies, chocolates, flowers, valentine-eve dances (sigh)…. I could go on and on and on.  Even web-sites offering express shopping and gifts are all bright and cheerful this time of the year.

What I don’t like however is the stress that this commercialisation of love has brought with it? » Continue reading “Wishing you a stress-free Valentine’s day!”

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The Stress Connection to Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide Ris Stress, Depression and coping skills.

Here is an insight on how eustress can become stress, leading to depression and subsequently clinical depression and how to cope with it.         

Stress need to be tackled with good coping skills. Healthy coping skills include things such as: talking to someone who cares, exercise, sports, reading, listening to music, doing something nice for someone else, talking to or spending time with pets, watching a good movie, spending time with a friend, going to your special place to think, developing a sense of humor and anything else that can have the effect of lifting your spirit. » Continue reading “The Stress Connection to Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide Ris Stress, Depression and coping skills.”

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Writing eases emotional issues

Many people understand the relationship but when they have to write, they get depressed. That might have been the situation when they were in school, diagramming sentences and writing with many guidelines and restrictions. But writing can help ease depression. Writing can help improve a number of emotional and even physical illnesses. » Continue reading “Writing eases emotional issues”

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Keep work stress out of your relationship

Often stressful work seeps into your personal relationships making it difficult to balance between the two. We share some ways to ease out and keep the spark alive in your relationship…

  • Everyday hassles and emotional issues cause stress in relationships.
  • Often couples go through periods of change.
  • Stress at work is deemed to be one of the major reasons for this turmoil.
  • Pooja Desai, 25, Investment banker, says, “My job is so stressful that by the time I reach home, I am left with no energy to spend quality time with my partner and this often leads to serious fights.”
  • We all have stress in our lives, be it job related, marital, financial or otherwise which often causes uncomfortable mental and physical reactions to events in life.
  • Communication is very important as Devang Shah, Media professional, says, “Work keeps me occupied most of the time. This has hampered my relationship greatly. There is hardly any time to go out with my partner and it is very difficult to explain always.”
  • Since you cannot avoid the stress at work, recognising and managing stress is crucial. Find a way to converse about what causes stress with your partner and this will help you a great deal. Not only will this make your relationship stronger but at the end of the day, you will feel relieved and satisfied. » Continue reading “Keep work stress out of your relationship”

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How Stress Can Improve Your Performance

In an article a developmental psychologist cited a mountain of evidence showing that IQ was one of the most significant predictors of emotional resiliency in children. The same pattern has also long been seen in the military, where it has been conclusively shown that higher-IQ soldiers show fewer signs of long-term post-traumatic stress.

Why would cognitive ability predict emotional hardiness? In truth, it doesn’t. But the tests that measure cognitive ability do. When you tell people they have 12 minutes to show whether they are smart or dumb, the ability to stay calm and focused under duress has a huge impact on the scores. » Continue reading “How Stress Can Improve Your Performance”

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Coping With Stress

Avoiding The Stress Trap

  • People load themselves with work, family and social commitments until they are a mess of stress with no time to wind down. This season, break the cycle.
    • Stress. It’s a part of life, but sometimes it gets out of control, many of us load ourselves with so many activities and commitments that we’re left feeling exhausted and cranky and vulnerable to illness.
    • The irony is, when we’re overloaded, it’s hard to find time to rest, eat right and relax – exactly the things you need to do to cope with stress. The trick is first to balance your life to minimize stress and then to entrench coping mechanisms into your daily schedule, so don’t find yourself caught in the stress trap. » Continue reading “Coping With Stress”

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Kiss Stress Goodbye: Natural Ways to Beat Fear and Anxiety

Stanford neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky, PhD, the author of Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers said “If you are a normal mammal, stress is the three minutes of screaming terror on the savanna after which either it’s over with or you’re over with” – by far the best explanation of stress ever heard.

Stress Spot: The Brain

–      Chronic secretion of the stress hormone cortisol damages memory centers, when excessively, we can be caught in perpetual stress, triggering anxiety disorders, depression and margaritas at lunchtime. » Continue reading “Kiss Stress Goodbye: Natural Ways to Beat Fear and Anxiety”

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The Antidepressant Diet

Debunking the myth surrounding carbohydrates and weight gain, the connection between carbohydrates, serotonin and antidepressant weight gain.

The triggers that make dieters and non-dieters reach for food are endless, and they range from a computer virus erasing data to caring for a chronically sick relative. Distress triggers can also arise from the hormonal changes of premenstrual syndrome, menopause, chronic pain, exhaustion from too much work, too little sleep or decreased sunlight. Regardless of its cause, stress often leads to the abandonment of a diet and overeating. » Continue reading “The Antidepressant Diet”

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Writing about emotions may ease stress and trauma

Unexpected life developments, trauma and stress can toss people off pace mentally and emotionally. Thoughts and feelings arise from a traumatic or stressful life experience; writing about them is called expressive writing.

Expressive writing may help some people cope with the emotional fallout of such events. Though not a cure-all and it won’t work for everyone, it appears to be more effective for people who are not struggling with ongoing or severe mental health challenges, such as major depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. » Continue reading “Writing about emotions may ease stress and trauma”

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