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“Are we flogging our children towards a breakdown?”

I can’t recall the newspaper in which I read an article that spoke about children (especially girls) as young as 8 watching their weight and waistlines?!!

Looking good and being beautiful has never been this critical? So much so that it’s plaguing ‘childhood’.

With media continuously telling us how we should look, dress and feel and behave, things are slowly getting out of hand; the gap between fiction and reality is thinning.  And parents and kids alike and falling into this trap.

While we as adults have the maturity thus the choice to accept and reject norms and trends, as guardians of minor children, we need to assess whether we are taking this responsibility seriously or not? » Continue reading ““Are we flogging our children towards a breakdown?””

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“Is your child depressed?” Mumbai Mirror, ToI, 26 Mar 12

A very pertinent read following a case where 6 teenaged girls, tired of poverty, taunts ran away from their homes.

Every generation will tell you how they feel that kids “today” are growing up way faster than the previous ones and its true; better nutrition, exposure to mass communication and increase in urbanisation and consumption behaviour has lead to children maturing faster than before. » Continue reading ““Is your child depressed?” Mumbai Mirror, ToI, 26 Mar 12”

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8 Feb 12, Wednesday: Mumbai Mirror, pages 11 “school suspends student for henna hands”

You know that we are not doing something right when our kids are ‘traumatised and scarred’ by disciplinary action that schools take when they break rules. In this case however, it’s the parents and not the little toddler who needs to take the rap.

I am all for unconditional loving and supporting our children and believe that these are core ingredients which go a long way in shaping them into independent and confident adults.

But are we taking things a tad far and raising our kids to have zero resilience? Are they having things so easy that they are mentally unable to withstand even the minor falls? » Continue reading “8 Feb 12, Wednesday: Mumbai Mirror, pages 11 “school suspends student for henna hands””

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2 Feb 12, Thursday: the Times of India, pages 1 & 7, “before exams, city kids most stressed in India”

It was heartening to see that this issue finally found first page mention; what was also commendable is the effort to collate statistics on the youngsters’ state of mind pre-exam and the acknowledgment that ‘exam-fever’ is indeed a reality.

While the effort must be lauded, it needs tackling at the very root.  » Continue reading “2 Feb 12, Thursday: the Times of India, pages 1 & 7, “before exams, city kids most stressed in India””

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23 Jan 12, Monday: Mumbai Mirror, page 14, “Give the kids back to their parents….”

Woke up this Monday morning all pensive about how fast my first born has grown up and reminiscent about these past 5 years of parenting; I wonder what I’ve done wrong more than right and am sure it’s a question like-minded parents often ask themselves.

Then I came across this article over my morning fix of tea; from the limited information it carried I found it rather absurd that Child Welfare Services could take your toddlers away just cause you fed them food with your hands (likened to ‘force feeding’) and tucked them in at night in bed with yourself.

If this applied in India then the jails would be insufficient to house all us ‘guilty’ parents. » Continue reading “23 Jan 12, Monday: Mumbai Mirror, page 14, “Give the kids back to their parents….””

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Stress in parent’s lives can be detrimental to the kids

Author of Kids Pick Up on Everything: How Parental Stress is Toxic to Kids, David Code also an Episcopal minister says stress is highly contagious and parental stress can weaken the development of a child’s brain or immune system, increasing the risk of allergies, obesity or mental disorders.He added that the greatest gift a parent can give today to his child is a healthy relationship with other adults. » Continue reading “Stress in parent’s lives can be detrimental to the kids”

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How to ease homework-related stress

The reality is late nights of doing homework and studying can and undoubtedly happens in student life especially college life. Without proper time management, this can build up stress for students, the homework load can be very stressful. This is especially true on days when multiple assignments are due. » Continue reading “How to ease homework-related stress”

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How Chronic Stress Short-Circuits Parenting

Raising a toddler, in the best of circumstances, is an overwhelming undertaking. But often parents under long-term stress do not find it easy to tap into the patience, responsiveness and energy required for effective child nurturing.

A University of Rochester – research is helpful in explaining why chronic stress and parenting are such a toxic mix.

The study finds that ongoing strains, like poverty or depression, disrupt the body’s natural stress response, making mothers more likely to engage in a host of problematic parenting behaviors, including neglect, hostility, and insensitivity. Stress literally changes the way a mother’s body responds to the normal demands of small children and those changes make it much harder to parent positively. » Continue reading “How Chronic Stress Short-Circuits Parenting”

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How Can We Help Our Children Handle Daily Stress?

Stress in children is no longer representative in a small population of children, it is actually dominant in a much bigger group then we actually think. Stress, stressful children exist at all levels of community and in large numbers.

» Continue reading “How Can We Help Our Children Handle Daily Stress?”

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How to cope with a single-parent stress

A survey reveals, nearly 17 million children in the U.S. live in single-parent homes and researchers suggest that it can take up to three years for a family to adjust to this new lifestyle. Raising children is challenging, and at times the stress is overwhelming. However the list of whether, single parent for several weeks or several years is mammoth. » Continue reading “How to cope with a single-parent stress”

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