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How Stress Can Help a Marriage

Here is something positive to say about STRESS IN MARRIAGE!

It seems that even if it were possible to banish stress from the lives of newlyweds, doing so might not be all to the good.

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Stress busters: what to eat before a big day

For all those really big stress occasions – a wedding, for instance – what should you eat to ease the nerves?

Dieticians say one can have some yoghurt, or nibble on a banana or packet of mints. But, the key to alleviate stress is a good breakfast which includes carbohydrates with a low Glycemic Index (GI).

The perfect meal to alleviate stress is a good breakfast, preferably high in carbohydrates, but not neglecting the protein as well. Cornflakes, porridge or low GI breakfast cereals. Even if one wakes feeling nauseous with anxiety before a big event or stressful day, should always try to eat a good breakfast to get the serotonin flowing.

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4 Feb 10, Thursday: the big fat Indian wedding.

Dressed in my finery, en route to one of our of big fat Indian wedding functions, I was struck by a thought! Why on earth is a simple and beautiful union of two people celebrated in this loud, insane and over-the-top manner? There was only one logical answer ‘it’s a conspiracy!’
Think about it, all the paraphernalia associated with weddings (such as the shopping, pre-wedding preparations and revelry) is a ploy to take the attention away from the actual purpose – that of two people of different backgrounds coming together to (hopefully) spend the rest of their lives together.   » Continue reading “4 Feb 10, Thursday: the big fat Indian wedding.”

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