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Are modern communication tools ‘disconnecting’ your relationships?

Are smart-phones and the IPAD hurting your love relationships?? Absurd right, cause the main purpose of technology was to bring us closer?! But it seems that ‘addiction’ to these gadgets is becoming a grave concern especially where marriages and love is concerned.

The economist carries an interesting read on this » Continue reading “Are modern communication tools ‘disconnecting’ your relationships?”

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Women’s day

Hey, so its Women’s day today; don’t worry, am not going to talk about how every day is our day and why should there be a hoopla around one day dedicated to women.

I’m instead going to focus on a syndrome that has impacted the current urban mothers group – THE SUPERWOMAN SYNDROME.

The current crop of 30-45 year old mothers, especially those who choose to work or have had careers before motherhood either suffer from the ‘super-women’ syndrome or are flogging themselves to get there.  » Continue reading “Women’s day”

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Wishing you a stress-free Valentine’s day!

St Valentin(e) must be beaming from the heavens above and rightly so; he would have never imagined that ‘his day of love’ would perhaps become the most celebrated day of love world over.

Personally, I love all the colour and charm associated with V-day; the sight of red and pink heart-shaped balloons, pudgy stuffed teddies, chocolates, flowers, valentine-eve dances (sigh)…. I could go on and on and on.  Even web-sites offering express shopping and gifts are all bright and cheerful this time of the year.

What I don’t like however is the stress that this commercialisation of love has brought with it? » Continue reading “Wishing you a stress-free Valentine’s day!”

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7 Ways to Keep Work Stress Out of Your Relationship

According to one study, 52 percent of employees say that job demands interfere with family or home responsibilities, while 43 percent say that home and family responsibilities interfere with job performance. These statistics show just how overworked people are, especially when they feel as if their home life is interfering with their work.

Psychologists see it as a stress cycle. The stress at work causes stress at home, and then the stress of neglecting home affects the person’s work performance and further increases their stress at work. In this economy, people are working around the clock so it appears that personal things (that they should be able to do) seem to interfere with their job performance. » Continue reading “7 Ways to Keep Work Stress Out of Your Relationship”

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How Stress Can Help a Marriage

Here is something positive to say about STRESS IN MARRIAGE!

It seems that even if it were possible to banish stress from the lives of newlyweds, doing so might not be all to the good.

New Research » Continue reading “How Stress Can Help a Marriage”

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Times of India 11th Nov 2010 carried a news item “All four accused held guilty of ragging Aman Kachroo to death.”

Times of India 11th Nov 2010 carried a news item “All four accused held guilty of ragging Aman Kachroo to death” and went on “A sessions court today convicted four medical students accused of ragging their junior Aman Kachroo to death in Himachal Pradesh last year”.

Ragging – is just a word to those who have not experienced it and hence all of us will not fathom the grief of Mr Rajendra Kachroo, father of Aman, when he expresses his disappointment on the quantum of punishment.

Let us try and understand what Ragging is like?

» Continue reading “Times of India 11th Nov 2010 carried a news item “All four accused held guilty of ragging Aman Kachroo to death.””

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22 Feb 10, Monday: Mumbai Mirror, page 3, Sunday, 21 Feb 10 – ‘knot for seniors’

Thanks to technology we have more means of communicating and staying in touch today, yet it is ironic that we don’t seem to have enough time to do just that – ‘stay in touch with loved ones’.  Call it the perils of urban life or simply a problem of plenty but it cannot be ignored that loneliness is a large contributor to depression, especially amongst senior citizens.

While senior citizens are slowly getting accustomed to the spare time that comes with retirement and grown-up children and their families busy with their own lives and often living in different parts of the world, what often has an irreversible impact on this second-life that they painstakingly create is the death of a partner or spouse.  Often, this loss leads to depression and severely impairs the senior person’s ability to lead a fulfilling life.   » Continue reading “22 Feb 10, Monday: Mumbai Mirror, page 3, Sunday, 21 Feb 10 – ‘knot for seniors’”

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16 Feb 10, Tuesday: The UTV Bindaas full-page print ad. Bombay Times, Tuesday, 15 Feb 10, last page.

We human beings have this innate tendency to categorise; we swear by our generalisations – this is perhaps where our deep-rooted and often unfounded views on communities, people and places originated.

Sadly so, because if there is one truth, it is that people cannot be categorised; agreed that our culture and experiences mould who we are as people but generalisations take away from us a vast, second-to-none chance of discovering people and cultures. » Continue reading “16 Feb 10, Tuesday: The UTV Bindaas full-page print ad. Bombay Times, Tuesday, 15 Feb 10, last page.”

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8 Feb 10, Monday: Respect !!

Respect, sadly, a term that is myopically understood and applied especially in our culture; I am sure all of us have at some point in our lives heard the instructions ‘respect your elders’ which is often demonstrated by folding of hands or touching of feet; often, this show of respect comes with a life-long unwritten rule that respect means never arguing or having disagreements with the person you ‘show’ respect to.
The truth however, is far away from the reality; respect, if correctly understood and applied can be a key to a treasure trove of meaningful and long-lasting relationships.   » Continue reading “8 Feb 10, Monday: Respect !!”

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Mumbai Mirror, page 25, Tuesday, 2 Feb 10 – ‘Fit two-gether’

An interesting and insightful article that holistically tackles marital issues.

Counselling or psychotherapy is most effective when the mind is calm; in either extreme states of mind (hyper or placid) our capacity to make rational decisions is low, hence the first step in the counselling process is to help the counsellee come out of this extreme emotional state; Yoga certainly is one such means to this end!
Tried and tested, the asanas and pranayam techniques not just help in relaxation but also aid in deep inner reflection. » Continue reading “Mumbai Mirror, page 25, Tuesday, 2 Feb 10 – ‘Fit two-gether’”

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