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The Laburnum

Despite the ever-increasing heat, I love summers in Mumbai for its bright yellow-blooms.

Let me explain – even today, despite the concrete jungle that Mumbai has become, one can spot pockets where these gorgeous desi-laburnum tress are in full bloom and whenever I pass one it makes me smile and feel all bright and cheery.  It’s amazing how just watching the bright yellow blossoms can switch my mood from grumpy to happy in a jiffy. » Continue reading “The Laburnum”

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“Is your child depressed?” Mumbai Mirror, ToI, 26 Mar 12

A very pertinent read following a case where 6 teenaged girls, tired of poverty, taunts ran away from their homes.

Every generation will tell you how they feel that kids “today” are growing up way faster than the previous ones and its true; better nutrition, exposure to mass communication and increase in urbanisation and consumption behaviour has lead to children maturing faster than before. » Continue reading ““Is your child depressed?” Mumbai Mirror, ToI, 26 Mar 12”

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Are modern communication tools ‘disconnecting’ your relationships?

Are smart-phones and the IPAD hurting your love relationships?? Absurd right, cause the main purpose of technology was to bring us closer?! But it seems that ‘addiction’ to these gadgets is becoming a grave concern especially where marriages and love is concerned.

The economist carries an interesting read on this » Continue reading “Are modern communication tools ‘disconnecting’ your relationships?”

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Wishing you a stress-free Valentine’s day!

St Valentin(e) must be beaming from the heavens above and rightly so; he would have never imagined that ‘his day of love’ would perhaps become the most celebrated day of love world over.

Personally, I love all the colour and charm associated with V-day; the sight of red and pink heart-shaped balloons, pudgy stuffed teddies, chocolates, flowers, valentine-eve dances (sigh)…. I could go on and on and on.  Even web-sites offering express shopping and gifts are all bright and cheerful this time of the year.

What I don’t like however is the stress that this commercialisation of love has brought with it? » Continue reading “Wishing you a stress-free Valentine’s day!”

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Top 10 stress relievers to try during this busy season

Take a look at these proven Top 10 stress relievers.

  •        Avoid drinking, smoking:
    • People think one of the easiest stress relievers is alcohol.
    • However excessive consumption, can lead to health and in many cases domestic problems.
    • Similarly, to many people regardless of age or income, legal and illegal drugs as well as cigarettes are an all too prevalent and dangerous way of dealing with stress in the short term.
    • Drinking and smoking to excess is not the only potentially harmful way of coping with stress.
    • Many people also find relief in over-eating, trying to numb their anxiety with too much ice cream or smother it in cheese sauce.
    • It’s very important to stay healthy in times of stress and make good choices when it comes to eating and drinking.
    • If this is a part of life is not in control, managing stress will be almost impossible. » Continue reading “Top 10 stress relievers to try during this busy season”

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Six steps to reduce stress


  • Exercise
  • Regular exercise can help deal stress better contrary to popular opinion, research shows that it’s probably not the release of endorphins that’s responsible for but rather the release of norepinephrine, which helps the body cope with stress.
  • Whatever the cause, exercise does wonders to overcome and prevent stress. » Continue reading “Six steps to reduce stress”

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Stress Busters

The American Psychological Association’s (APA) 2010 – Stress in America survey disclosed that stress is taking a toll not only on physical health, but also on the emotional well-being of individuals and families.In America, the majority of the Americans live with moderate to high levels of stress but have a hard time making changes to cope with it. » Continue reading “Stress Busters”

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Kiss Stress Goodbye: Natural Ways to Beat Fear and Anxiety

Stanford neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky, PhD, the author of Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers said “If you are a normal mammal, stress is the three minutes of screaming terror on the savanna after which either it’s over with or you’re over with” – by far the best explanation of stress ever heard.

Stress Spot: The Brain

–      Chronic secretion of the stress hormone cortisol damages memory centers, when excessively, we can be caught in perpetual stress, triggering anxiety disorders, depression and margaritas at lunchtime. » Continue reading “Kiss Stress Goodbye: Natural Ways to Beat Fear and Anxiety”

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The Antidepressant Diet

Debunking the myth surrounding carbohydrates and weight gain, the connection between carbohydrates, serotonin and antidepressant weight gain.

The triggers that make dieters and non-dieters reach for food are endless, and they range from a computer virus erasing data to caring for a chronically sick relative. Distress triggers can also arise from the hormonal changes of premenstrual syndrome, menopause, chronic pain, exhaustion from too much work, too little sleep or decreased sunlight. Regardless of its cause, stress often leads to the abandonment of a diet and overeating. » Continue reading “The Antidepressant Diet”

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Tips to prevent Alzheimer’s and stress-induced breakdowns

Dealing with this disease is not easy.

Some Helpful and simple ways to deal:

–      Having a social life helps the brain [So for those of in college who believe dog is the only friend, and reality television is a fine substitute for reality, probably are destined for a later life of desolate dementia.] » Continue reading “Tips to prevent Alzheimer’s and stress-induced breakdowns”

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