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“Take a bow Mrs Rai Bachchan”

Okay, I hope I am not the only one who is fed up about reading or watching ‘news’ clips about a chubby Mrs Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Where have the good old days gone when expectant mothers were allowed to go fat and stay that way until they settled into motherhood; in fact there was a time when mothers were ‘expected’ to be chubby and cuddly and cute? » Continue reading ““Take a bow Mrs Rai Bachchan””

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follow up to Women’s day blog

Hello everyone, a reader was kind enough to share an article that resonated with my blog this women’s day; published in the Economist in Nov 11, it makes for a very interesting read.

What is says in a nutshell is that raising kids cannot be the sole responsibility of the mother; the father, family, friends even society and the Government needs to create an environment which is conducive not just to child-rearing but also allows women to self –actualise and grow in their choice of careers and vocation.

The situation in Finland has been described in great detail and is worth emulating.

Happy reading and do revert with your comments.

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Women’s day

Hey, so its Women’s day today; don’t worry, am not going to talk about how every day is our day and why should there be a hoopla around one day dedicated to women.

I’m instead going to focus on a syndrome that has impacted the current urban mothers group – THE SUPERWOMAN SYNDROME.

The current crop of 30-45 year old mothers, especially those who choose to work or have had careers before motherhood either suffer from the ‘super-women’ syndrome or are flogging themselves to get there.  » Continue reading “Women’s day”

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13 Feb 12, Wednesday: Mumbai Mirror “Teacher kills sons before committing suicide”

Reading about someone taking their own life is bad enough, but when you read about a parent killing their dependent children before taking their own lives, it leaves you cold and wondering?

Wondering as to the extreme state of mind of this person and wondering, above all “could this tragedy been averted’?

Mumbai city has seen a few of these cases which is actually the main reason for my blog today!  » Continue reading “13 Feb 12, Wednesday: Mumbai Mirror “Teacher kills sons before committing suicide””

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23 Jan 12, Monday: Mumbai Mirror, page 14, “Give the kids back to their parents….”

Woke up this Monday morning all pensive about how fast my first born has grown up and reminiscent about these past 5 years of parenting; I wonder what I’ve done wrong more than right and am sure it’s a question like-minded parents often ask themselves.

Then I came across this article over my morning fix of tea; from the limited information it carried I found it rather absurd that Child Welfare Services could take your toddlers away just cause you fed them food with your hands (likened to ‘force feeding’) and tucked them in at night in bed with yourself.

If this applied in India then the jails would be insufficient to house all us ‘guilty’ parents. » Continue reading “23 Jan 12, Monday: Mumbai Mirror, page 14, “Give the kids back to their parents….””

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According to experts stressful life can lead to early menopause

A section of Gynecologists have warned that they have seen a perceptible rise in the number of early menopausal cases in the city in the last couple of years, feel here who attribute it to the increasingly stressful lifestyle and obesity arising due to junk foods. » Continue reading “According to experts stressful life can lead to early menopause”

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Stress May Cut Pregnancy Short

According to Florencia Torche, PhD, and Karine Kleinhaus, MD, MPH, of New York University in New York City -In a study of Chilean women pregnant during a major earthquake:-  Those who were in their second or third month of pregnancy had shorter pregnancies and an increased likelihood of delivering before 37 weeks’ gestation.-  The relationships were much stronger when the offspring were females rather than males, for whom the associations were not statistically significant, the researchers reported online in Human Reproduction » Continue reading “Stress May Cut Pregnancy Short”

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Chronic Stress can Increase Mums’ Hostility Towards Kids

Researchers say that women struggling with long-term pressures, such as depression or poverty, are more likely to be hostile, insensitive and neglectful toward their children.

The Study » Continue reading “Chronic Stress can Increase Mums’ Hostility Towards Kids”

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Stress Linked to Aggressive Breast Cancer

According to a new study, Patients reporting greater stress were more likely to have more aggressive breast cancer tumors. Though the new study links aggressive breast cancer and stress, the lead researcher suggests the findings raise as many questions as they answer. » Continue reading “Stress Linked to Aggressive Breast Cancer”

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Stress during pregnancy linked to future behavioral problems in offspring

The old adage that the women should be smiling all thru her pregnancy so that the child born is smiling as well holds true even till date! Below is a research highlighting how the stress in mother can be appalling to the child-to-be-born?

» Continue reading “Stress during pregnancy linked to future behavioral problems in offspring”

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